Monday, October 12, 2009

OCTOBER 6. 2009

Hey everybody. This week was great, i enjoyed all 5 sessions of general 
conference. It was such a great conference, i got so much out of all of the
talks. Elder Hollands talk was very powerful, as are all of his talks, we have
heard several of his talks her at the CTM because he gives talks to missionaries
(we watch on the computer) and he is such and strong and spiritual speaker. I
really liked all of the talks, they all meant something to me in different ways
and had me thinking of people from back at home. I loved conference. Well this
week we go Proselyting in the big area in Sao Paulo, like with loads of people.
Maybe in the Subway or train station or on the big street market. It will be
crazy and interesting but i am confident that my companion and i can do it. One
of the members of our branch presidency said in a letter to me (we have to write
letters to the branch presidency each week, and they reply to us) he said that
his son is friends with Irmao (brother) Alexandre (one of my teachers) and that
Alexandre told him that my companion and I were the best in the our district in
speaking Portuguese and comprehending things. We teach good things and have a
nice vocabulary in Portuguese. That was a great confidence booster for me, i am
so happy and excited to get out there and teach. Also start sending any mail for
me to the Mission HOme address, Mom if you could make sure that people have that
mailing address, that is the only address that i can get mail out while i am in
the feild, and there are only a few times that i can get mail each six weeks.
But i will continue to write and e-mail people as i have been. I am sure i will
still get to e-mail, but i just will only get all the letters from you guys once
every six weeks. I am okay with that, i think it will make the time fly by
quickly. This week we did not go to the temple, but we probably will next week,
which will be really busy, because i leave the CTM on the 20th of October! so i
do not know if i will get to e-mail or write you guys that week, because of
getting transfered somewhere. HOwever wed. is the P-day, so there is still a
chance that i can. We spend Tuesday night in the mission home (the 20th) and
have a pizza party (also we go teaching and proselyting after we arrive there
that morning). So we will just see how that goes. This week if any letters were
sent to the ctm i will still get them, but after this week they should all be
sent to the Mission Home. Which will be my mailing address for the rest of the
mission (remember there is an address for packages and an address for letters at
the mission home) Well Its great to hear from all you guys e-mails. I dont need
anymore gift certificates from Cheneys i am doing good with what i have. I have
had a great and spiritual week. I am excited to read (whenever it comes out and
i can find one) the conference issue of the ensign for this conference. Well i
love you guys, I pray for your saftey and that everything will go great for all
of you guys. I love you all and enjoy hearing from you all as well, Love, Elder
Chase Caldwell

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