Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb. 17, 2010

Well, this week went by very quickly. It also included one of the worst days for missionaries (Valentine's Day) lol, but it also was good seeing that we marked 3 more baptism dates with investigators, so we are having alot of success here in the area. The dates are all marked for next weekend and beyond, which is after the transfers, so I may be transferred before I can see some of our investigators baptized, since transfers are the 24th. Snow, that sounds like fun. Here we just have gotten a lot of heat and some awesome sunburns! I would love some snow so my face wouldn't burn. But anyways, I love studying the scriptures. I am still reading in the Old Testament. Sometimes it is difficult and other times it is very interesting. I read some of it, then go to the Book of Mormon and read out of it because you can really get a lot of nice personal inspiration by by studying and praying and things are a whole lot easier to understand. Let's see, today we cleaned house and that was good to get done, again. Today we were suppose to go hang out at a members house and play games and help them put together their pool table, but one of them was sick and had to go to the doctor, which here takes forever, so we didn't get to go. This week we taught a whole lot of lessons which felt great to do. We have so many great investigators here in this area. The church should grow a lot here.
Also, next week email will be when you find out if I was transferred or not because we find out next Monday, so next Wednesday, email will let you know how things are going and where I am at. Always remember to read and study the scriptures, and be worthy to have the spirit with you to lead and guide you. It is a very great help here in all our lives, the gift of the Holy Ghost. If we all just obey even the promptings that seem pointless, we will get blessed and something good will happen. Well, that is really all I can think of for this week. We might have some baptisms this weekend, if not, then for sure the next. Have an awesome week!
Elder Emory Chase Caldwell