Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey everybody! This week went by extremely fast. We went to the Temple again today and are about to go out to eat with our teachers because this is our last p-day in the CTM. I hope Casey is doing okay after the car incident. Good thing they traded cars for the day. I just finished eating at the big all you can eat restaurant and had my last Coke for two years(in my mission, missionaries are not allowed to have Coke, but oh well, I do not need to drink it anyways). I ate snake today too, that was one of the things they had cooked up to serve there and it was really good, along with the chicken hearts and etc. On Friday we went proselyting and we placed both of the Books of Mormon that we had. We walked around for a long time (thousands and thousands of people all around this area we went to) It was a big downtown plaza area between two big bridges that had people selling stuff on them. It was incredible how many people were there. I felt really bad seeing the homeless people all over the place. They had cardboard boxes and a blanket and were just trying to sleep and laying around all over, it was a very sad sight.
One guy we meet gave us his address to send other missionaries to come teach him(the ones that are serving where he lives) he worked at a really big BMW dealership and was fluent in at least 3 languages. It was interesting speaking with him. On Sunday night the Mission President of our mission came to speak at the fireside. It was a great talk, he spoke on obedience and being obedient. He said that we need to be obedient like Joseph Smith was to the will of the Lord, rather than how Saul was to the will of the Lord. He told us the story about Samuel and Saul in the Bible. That Saul was not obedient, therefore Samuel had to tell him that the Lord repententh of calling you to be King. He said that we do not want or need the Lord to say that He repententh of calling us as missionaries or as His servants, representatives. I am excited to get out into the field. I should be able to email every week out in the field, the only week I am not sure about is if I get transferred to a new area, so next week I may not be able to email, since I will be leaving the CTM and heading off to my first area assignment. Thanks everyone for the emails. I have started studying my scriptures and crossreferencing everything. I ended up crossreferencing first Nephi and found out that Lehi is a descendant of Mannassah(can not spell that name) and that Ishmel was a descendant of Ephriam, and all kinds of really interesting things that I did not know about. It really has kept me into my studies to cross reference things. Also the book, Jesus the Christ, is such a great book. I really love it alot. I recommend that everyone read it. It is very long and sometimes tough to read, but it gives a great appreciation for the life of the Savior and the Plan of Salvation as well as many other things. Once I get out into the field, I will start to read it again. I have already read it here at the CTM along with True to the Faith, OUr Search for Happiness, Preparation Preceeds Power(which I recommend to all the young men age guys who plan on serving a mission), the Book of Mormon, and the New Testament. Preach my Gospel is also a very great study tool. I study topics in it and then base my scripture study off of that also. Well, this week is going quickly, I am going to start getting things cleaned up and packed up so I do not have to worry about it the night before we leave because I want to remember everything and not leave stuff here. I love all of you guys so very much! Have a great couple of weeks if you do not hear from me next week.
Love, Elder Emory Chase Caldwell

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