Thursday, October 22, 2009

OCTOBER 21, 2009 - First letter from Osasco, Sao Paulo

Oi familia, como voces vao? I am doing good here. The mission home was great last night. We went through some training meetings, then we went and ate at the President (missions pres) apartment, and had some amazing carrot cake and chicken. It was an amazing apartment. They had a whole floor as where they lived, basically a house, huge with loads of rooms. Then we had down time til 5:00, Brazil time, oh by the way, we put our clocks ahead an hour on Sunday, so I am now 3 to 4 hours ahead of everyone back home now, depending on what day or when you guys set your clocks back an hour. It is very hot here, and since it it summer soon or now basically it will be getting hotter soon, fortunately, it rains whenever it wants, even when the sun is out so those days will be nice cool down days. Anyways, at 5:00 on Tuesday night we went teaching, I got paired up with Elder Oldroyd to go teach with a Zone Leader. So our first appointment was to teach English lessons. There is a woman the missionaries are teaching here, who's daughter is trying to learn English for a job, so they will teach her English using the Book of Mormon and other English learning books. Afterwards we taught a lesson, we were there for a little over an hour. After that we walked for some other appointments, but a few weren't home, so we went to some other houses and made several contacts during the time we were walking around. It doesn't count to just say hi to someone and they say hi back. You acually have to talk to them for it to count, so that was fun and entertaining. We ate loads of Brazilian pizza afterwards, it was really good, especially the crazy chocolate pizza. So the next day we got up at 6:30 which is the usaual time, and went to go to the chapel (one chapel is being prepared for Richard G. Scott to come speak at) so we had to walk 30 minutes to another church building. So we get there and we have a transfer meeting, and they announce where everyone is and is going to be. It was neat. They leave the names next to the trainers blank so that the new guys to not find out their companions until the end. Well anyways, I am now serving in Osasco, in what I was told is the Ghetto is a nice looking area, but there are houses and poor people everywhere. We live in a house here. (I will send pictures) It is very interesting here, but I like it, it feels like home and I am not nervous either. My companion is Elder Dornelles, he is a Brazilian and has been serving for 9 months, he does not know any English, but it is okay because we talk in Portuguese anyways. I will be teaching him English if he wants to learn since it can help with getting a job here. He is a really good missionary and know what he is doing, so I will learn and grow a whole lot with him teaching and training me on the things I should do. It is a good crash course in Portuguese too, since only one other missionary in the district (to my knowledge, speaks English), but its cool. lol. I am having a good time here. I unpacked, we have walked around a lot and made some contacts. It is p-day, too, so I can e-mail as long as the e-mail places over here (in the area) work still. I am very happy to be serving here in Brazil, It is an amazing place and the people are great. I really love it here. Oh and also I might have forgotten to mention that Richard G. Scott is coming to the mission on Saturday, so I get to go hear him speak. He is going to be training mission presidents next week and will speak to our mission. It is about an hour bus ride to the Mission Home from here in Osasco. Which the Mission Home is an old house (nice house) that belonged to James E. Faust. It is a really cool place. Well I love you all a lot, I hope all is well. Things are going great here in Brazil for me. I hope all is going well for you guys, thanks for the support.
Love, Elder Chase Caldwell

Oh, to answer some questions I got in emails.
Yes, it is very hot here and rainy whenever it decides that it wants to be.
Transfers are every six weeks starting today. This transfer ends on December 2. So I will at least be here until then, maybe longer, it all just depends.
Elder Oldroyd is serving in Osasco also (he is also Sao Paulo North Mission) He is in my Zone, but not my District. His area isn't too far from here though.
Mine has most of the Flavelias (I can't spell that word)
This week I have been reading Alma in the Book of Mormon, and I really enjoy it, the chapters about the sons of Mosiah are great.
I love you guys!

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