Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 18, 2009

Hey everybody! Another week has gone by quickly. I am doing good here. We are teaching, teaching, and teaching. We walk alot though. So we had Zone Conference last Thursday and tomorrow is interviews (with President Cooley). Last Thursday I got 6 letters and I hope that I get some tomorrow, but if not, it's okay because the emailing once a week is good. Thanks for all of the emails. I am still doing good and it is very hot here, really hot because here in Brazil it is a very rare thing to encounter an air conditioner, so I live in heat 24/7, but its fine, I am getting used to it and I am getting used to being red also.(I do use sunscreen) I will try to email some pictures next week. Depends on which internet place is open and if I can use my camera to send them or not.
Well, this week we committed another person to baptism, an 18 year old girl named Rafaela. She is investigating with her 30 year old sister who is married with kids. Also I bought some ingredients and made some pizza this week at the house of some of our investigators Sida and Patricia. It went really well and the pizza was great too. I really impressed myself. It was Callabrese (not sure how to spell, but here I jsut spell like things are pronounced). My Portuguese is improving. During Zone Conference all the new missionaries bore there testimonies and all the missionaries that are going home. I was complimented on my Portuguese several times. I still have an American accent when I speak, but I can understand most of what people say to me and can answer back. It's a really good feeling because that first day in the airport, ha, I had no idea what Portuguese was.....and now I speak it every day and don't speak English because I have no body to speak it with.
Today for p-day we went to Wal-Mart (I used the photo center to print a few photos for me) and afterwards we went to the chapel in Novo Osasco with our District which includes me and Elder Dornelles, and two sets of sister missionaries. They cooked lunch and made some really good lime cheese cake. It was great. We played Uno, talked, and everyone showed each other their photos. I had lots of fun. Tonight we are going out to eat with Mara one of our investigators and Sister Christiani. Going to a pizza buffet, suppose to be really good. Mara has come to church a few times and we taught her some lessons with Sister Christiani. They are about the same age, 20-30 area and yeah, pizza should be great. I am pretty excited about it. I went on a division this week. I went to a different area and spent the day and night working in the area of another missionary with another missionary. It went great there. We marked some baptism dates and taught a bunch of people. Sleeping there was horrible. There was a dog that barked right outside the window all night long. It would stop long enough for me to fall asleep, then start again and wake me up. Then last night we stayed at the house of the Zone Leaders, so I didn't sleep too good last night either. We played Uno, but tonight will be great, my own bed ha. Well I love you guys. I am doing great here. I pray for you all and hope that everything is going well. I hope you all have a great week, until next week.....
Love, Elder Chase Caldwell

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