Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009 - 2nd email from Osasco

Hey everybody! This week has been pretty good. Very, very hot week though. Sun all day every day with no clouds in the sky. Today we went to the Pico de Jaragua. It is a state park here, you guys should check it out online. It was pretty sweet. I will be sending pictures whenever I can get them developed. We taught a lot of lessons this week, it was pretty good. We do walk everywhere, except when we go to Sao Paulo for meetings or things like that then we take the crowded hot buses. We have lunch appointments everday here except for p-days because lunch is a huge meal here and dinner is really small. We spent the night at our Zone Leaders house last night because
they went with us to Jaragua today and we stayed up playing UNO for a while, ha, it was fun. Elder Brooksby got transferred, and Emily Hummel said that Elder Ellertson just got transferred out of her ward, but that Elder Bessler is there now. Things are going great here. I am no longer white in the face or arms, I am an interesting shade of red (yes I use sunscreen). Except for underneath where my watch is, my arm is very white right there. Next p-day I think I am going to get to play soccer (first time in Brazil) so I hope that goes pretty well. At our district meeting on Monday I saw one of my teachers from the CTM Irmao Rocha, he was excited to see me and invited my copanion and I, along with Elder Oldroyd and his companion to come eat breakfast with him on a p-day. He lives in Osasco very close to where I live actually, but he is in a different ward. The stake center is huge, it puts ours to shame. The stake center here is big like a school would be, with 2 floors, parking garage, elevators, etc....its pretty nice. It has a soccer area and basketball area too. This internet place is pretty nice. They have American music playing, so I can hear good songs that I like. I got some letters yesterday because the ZL had a meeting with the President and they went to the mission home and checked for mail, so I will send out replies to those whenever I get a chance. My personal scripture study, I finished Alma and Helaman, and am enjoying 3rd Nephi. Chapter 11 is a great chapter.
Well, I do not have very much email time this week. We got back later than expected from Jaragua and we have to get to work soon. I love you all, sorry if I didn't get an email sent to you this week, I love you though! Well, everyone, take care, have a great week, I love you all and will talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Caldwell

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