Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CHASE'S FIRST EMAIL!!! August 25, 2009

Chase's email address is: CaldwellChaseSP@myldsmail.net
On to the letter:

Hey Mom and Dad, and everyone else. How are things going for you?
I'm doing good
here, I really like it and am enjoying myself.
I do miss you all a lot, but i'm
not homesick or letting it bother me.
We have pizza every wednesday night and
the chocolate, banana and
cheese pizza is amazing. My p-days are on Tuesdays

while i'm in the CTM. I only get a little bit of time to e-mail
so i can't get
much typed. Since it is p-day i can e-mail from here,
and then go across the
street to the Cookie internet shop
for more time, its just busy over here at the
CTM, so thats the plan.
Do pass this e-mail address on to everyone so that
anyone can
e-mail me whenever they'd like. My companion is Elder Oldroyd,
he is
from Texas, Fort Worth actually. After i went through security
at the airport it
was about thirty minutes before the next Elder showed up
and it was an Elder
from Santa Barbara, CA. We talked for a while then
another Elder and a Sister
missionary from Utah showed up so we all went
and ate popeyes at the airport.
The flight was really cool, long,
and boring. It wasn't scary at all, just felt
like a mega long
bus ride. We had a lot of Turbulance on our flight once we got

near Sao Paulo (it was storming) and Elder Warner from Orem,
Utah threw up.
Fortunately i didn't get sick. The airport in
Sao Paulo wasn't too bad, they
didn't go through any bags so i got
to keep all my candy, gum, and crackers.

Also excuse the grammer, the keys are a little bit different
on this portuguese
computer, so I keep hitting the wrong buttons.
I did feel really sick to my
stomach early one morning but i had my
companion give me a blessing and i've
felt better since.
Also we don't eat scraps here, it is really good food, i am

really enjoying it. Meats, Veggies, Soups, Fruits and
such at everymeal. Well
the language learning is going really nicely
also, we've learned a bunch of
words and grammer, as well as how to pray
in Portuguese. This is a very
spiritual place and I can feel
my testimony growing everyday from being here. I

am thankful for all the letters i recieved from you all before
the flight so
that i was able to have stuff to read on the flight.
It was very nice to read.

Thanks mom, dad, Emily H., and Emily C.
I've read the note from Keith that night
at the party, its a good one.
I will have more time to e-mail next week, it took

a while to get it set up this week and not much is going on.
We have to prepare
talks every week in our Branches here,
last weeks was on Faith, and this weeks
on Hope.
They randomly call out the names of the speakers during sacrament

meeting right before time to give the talk. We went to the Sao Paulo Temple
morning, and it is a very beautiful Temple.
It is small but a very great
I bought a Little Portuguese Hymn book at the Distribution Center.
and as typing this i just saw someone walk by with the same back pack
as me,
mine is way cooler and better looking though with Elder Caldwell
stitched into
it. Well i love all of you guys and hope everything is going great!
I'll e-mail
you again next week.
Hopefully you got the letter in the mail with my mailing

address in case anyone wants to right me a normal letter. Well love you,

Elder Caldwell

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