Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Mission Call.....April 24,2009

Waiting for Chase's mission call in the mail was so exciting! Every day, Chase and I would race to get the mail, thinking it would arrive. Day after day, we watched and waited....and then it came! I was about to leave the house when I saw the mailman approaching. I jumped out of the van and rushed to meet him halfway into the yard, followed by Chase running out of the house, jumping off the porch and over the bushes to meet him, too! Oh, to see the look of horror on that poor mailman's face! As we were rushing towards him, I was explaining to him the reason of our behavior.....I am sure it was quite a sight! When I saw the large white envelope in his hand, I quickly grabbed it and started jumping and spinning around the yard screaming, "YES!!! YES!!!! IT CAME!!! IT CAME!!! AAAHHHH!!" I'm sure my neighbors and the mailman think I'm crazy! As soon as we had the letter, we called our family and friends and told them to meet us at the church and we would wait to open it then. Oh, it was so hard having to wait..... I still look back to this historical day and laugh! Oh the joy of receiving the "mission call!"

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